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The Rose Garden

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12 May 1958
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This journal is the functional equivalent of a chatty holiday letter. Except more often.

If you want to make me really really happy, check out my historic fantasy novels in the Alpennia series: Daughter of Mystery, The Mystic Marriage, and Mother of Souls (with plenty more on the way) (Bella Books) and say nice things about them to all your friends if you like them.

The website for my books and writing is: http://www.alpennia.com
I also have a more static website for research articles: http://heatherrosejones.com

My primary blog is on the Alpennia.com website but is cross-posted here.
I have an account at Dreamwidth with the same user name, and at this point would prefer connections there rather than here. Occasional posts at DW that aren't part of my blog feed will usually be cross-posted here as well.

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